Tom Brokaw’s Phone Goes Off During Live Election Night Coverage (VIDEO)

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Tom Brokaw Phone Election Night Video

By Shari Weiss


Tom Brokaw Phone Election Night Video


Tom Brokaw had an awkward, unexpected moment when his cell phone went off during Tuesday night’s live election coverage on MSNBC. And it wasn’t even due to a phone call, but an alarm!


The mishap happened as Brokaw was discussing the Kentucky Senate race. As he spoke, an ominous beeping starting playing in the background. As the noise continued, a confused Brokaw asked, “Could that be me?” Indeed it was! The veteran newscaster reached into his pants pocket and pulled out his phone. “I’m afraid it is,” said Brokaw. “Unfortunately, the alarm goes off and there you are.”

Showing a sense of humor about the incident, Brokaw then held the phone to his ear and pretended to talk to his wife. “Yes, I will remember to bring home the milk. Right. Don’t worry about it,” he said. “And I’ll feed the dog in the morning. Just sleep in. It’s going to be okay.” Brokaw then offered a more serious apology and got back to the real business of the night.

That business, the 2014 midterms elections, have dominated Twitter all day, and Brokaw’s goof made him a trending topic. The top trend of the momentous day, however, has been “#GoVote2014.” As Gossip Cop reported, dozens of celebrities have been using the hashtag to encourage their followers to head to the polls.

Check out the video of Brokaw below!

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