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Today Show Musical

By Daniel Gates


Today Show Musical


The “Today Show” Musical debuted on Monday. Written by Kathie Lee Gifford and performed for a grateful American viewing public, “Today! The Musical” featured Regis Philbin and the cast and crew of the “Today Show” paying tribute in song to “all of the madness and mayhem that goes on behind the scenes of the show.” It was epic. It was grand. It was… something that happened. Check out the video below!

Do you want to see the show’s makeup and wardrobe crews make fun of how old the anchors look? Do you want to see the cooking team pretend to sneeze on food? What about jokes about how much Gifford drinks? It’s all in the action-packed opening number!

Things get more emotional when an aspiring actor and props department staffer named Sal Cacciato starts singing about his dashed dreams and unfulfilled life. Will things turn around when he meets the great Regis Philbin, who’s a guest on the “Today Show”? Before we find out, we see Cacciato bump into Matt Lauer, who has to change his pants and stand in his underwear in front of Tamron Hall and Savannah Guthrie. Light sexual harassment ensues!

Carson Daly, Willie Geist, and Al Roker get some lines. Philbin yells into a mirror and then hears Cacciato singing in the bathroom. Philbin encourages Cacciato to follow his dreams with an inspirational song and dance routine. It includes Philbin making a sperm joke. Delightful! Later, we see Philbin fart terribly during an interview with Lauer and Natalie Morales, falling terribly ill after eating some “mystery meat.” Struggling to stay alive, Philbin encourages Cacciato (again) to pursue a career as a performer. Then everyone gathers for a show-closing number.

Is it a little weird that the long-discussed “Today Show” musical is mostly about Regis Philbin, who’s not on the “Today Show,” trying to motivate someone else who’s not a visible member of the “Today Show” family to leave behind his “Today Show” duties? It is! But it still happened! Check out the video below, and tell us what you think.

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