Tilda Swinton Admits: “I Tried to Kill My Own Brother”

Truth rating: 10

By Michael Lewittes


Tilda Swinton has shockingly confessed that she tried to kill her baby brother when she was a child. The actress, discussing the theme of childhood violence in her upcoming movie We Need to Talk About Kevin, tells the unnerving story in a new interview with The Telegraph magazine.

Referencing the tragic 1993 murder of two-year-old James Bulger in England, Swinton says, “Years ago, when James Bulger was murdered, every newspaper front page was talking about evil. At that point, having suppressed it for years, I remembered when I was four or five, I tried to kill my own brother.”

The Oscar winner explains, “He was newly born and I was disappointed, because he was the third boy. That was enough as far as I was concerned.” But instead of harming the infant, Swinton reveals she actually saved his life.

“I went into his room to kill him, saw some ribbons from a bonnet going into his mouth, and began to pull them out,” she says. She continues, “And I was discovered saving his life. So I had this strange reputation – my brother’s savior – and no one knew I wanted to kill him. It took the Bulger case for me to remember that I’d seriously wanted to.”

The actress, who plays the mother of a teenage boy who goes on a high-school killing spree in her new film, has 13-year-old twins in real life. What do you think about Swinton sharing her unsettling story?

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