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What a Joke: Tila Tequila Uses “Onion” as Real News Source

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By Daniel Gates




When we first heard that pregnancy fabricator and generally odious Tila Tequila would launch a “legit” celebrity gossip blog, Gossip Cop expressed some doubts.

After all, it seemed that a woman with such a loose grip on the reality of her own life would have trouble accurately reporting the news beyond her front door.

We might have overestimated her.

One day after Perez Hilton triumphantly lowered the bar for blogging, Tequila manages to squeeze her surgically enhanced self beneath it with dazzling obliviousness.

“Would You Buy Drew Barrymore‘s Autobiography Coloring Book?” she asks her visitors.

She reports that Barrymore has put together a confessional coloring book about her life and evolution.

Tequila quotes a “publicist,” describes what the book will discuss (addictions, sexuality, etc.), and seems puzzled about the intended target audience.

Her source?

The Onion.


The fake news outlet. The “everything is made up and everyone knows it” satire site.

Well, everyone… except Tila Tequila.

Mind you, Tequila isn’t even quoting an article, where nuances might confuse someone who wears more ink than she’ll ever read.

She takes the Barrymore story from an Onion video!

It’s helpfully embedded on her site.

Tila Tequila watched that clip, turned it over in her head, and posted it as “legit” celebrity news.



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