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The Naked Truth About Lindsay Lohan and Playboy

By Daniel Gates



Here’s the Lindsay Lohan story that has titillated the Web, and only Gossip Cop has the truth.

According to reports, Lohan was originally offered $500,000 to take it off for Playboy, but when she turned them down, the actress, who already stripped for New York magazine, was then offered a whopping $900,000.

Not true. Lohan’s rep tells Gossip Cop exclusively that Playboy was willing to give her $1 million right from the start. The story, picked up from the Australian tabloid The Day, has a source saying, “Playboy has been asking her for years, but it’s only now she’s excited about doing it.”

Not true. A spokeswoman for the actress says it’s only been seriously offered in the past couple of months.

Fine. But is she really “excited about doing it?” Her rep says, “She’s not considering it right now.”


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