The Game Loses $100,000 Lawsuit For Punching Cop During Basketball Game

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The Game Loses Cop Punch Lawsuit

By Andrew Shuster

The Game Loses Cop Punch Lawsuit

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The Game has lost the lawsuit filed against him by Onyebuchi Awaji, the cop he punched during a basketball game in Hollywood this past March. Because the rapper never responded to the suit, a Los Angeles judge ruled in Awaji’s favor on Thursday, and The Game will now have to pay the LAPD officer $100,000 for the damages he suffered.

As Gossip Cop reported, The Game was playing hoops with Awaji when he got into an argument with the off-duty officer and punched him in the face. The incident was caught on video, and the cop later sued the rapper, alleging he suffered brain damage as a result of the assault.

The Game, however, claimed Awaji threatened to get his police gun and was about to strike him, so the rapper hit him first in self-defense. The video of the altercation, however, showed the rapper coming up behind Awaji and punching him, which doesn’t match the performer’s story.

The Game also allegedly told the cop, “I’m going to kill you,” and as a result, he was charged with a felony for making threats against a police officer. The criminal case seems to still be pending. According to TMZ, the majority of the $100,000 civil compensation will go towards Awaji’s medical costs and related damages.

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