People Behind #TheDress Describe How It All Started On Ellen DeGeneres (VIDEO)

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#TheDress Ellen DeGeneres

By Daniel Gates |

#TheDress Ellen DeGeneres

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Remember #TheDress? That “blue and black versus white and gold” thing that took over the Internet last week, driving you and all of your friends crazy? Well, the people responsible for the year’s biggest accident viral sensation gathered on Tuesday’s “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” to explain what happened. Watch the video below.

Before introducing newlyweds Grace MacPhee and Keir Johnston (whose wedding triggered everything), MacPhee’s mother Cecilia Bleasdale (who wore the dress) and their friend Caitlin McNeill (whose Tumblr post about the dress started the online controversy), DeGeneres explained that the insanity over the outfit is “why I don’t wear dresses.” She joked, “The reason this dress looks different is because the dress is an optical illusion created by the devil.”

#TheDress originators came out and took DeGeneres through the dispute over the dress’ colors and how their small family confusion became a major international event. Are they completely astonished by the events of the past few days? Yes, they are. Do they speak with adorable Scottish accents? Check! Because it’s “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” did the segment end with the host giving #TheDress family a bunch of gifts? Of course! Watch the video below, and relive the highs and lows of #TheDress that changed everything.


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