Bachelorette Contestant Quits Competition, Desiree Makes More Cuts in Germany


By Shari Weiss



Desiree Hartsock’s search for love continued in Germany on Monday’s “Bachelorette” — but one contestant suddenly decided to drop out of the running.

Bryden, the 26-year-old Iraq war veteran, surprised the bridal stylist by revealing he wasn’t feeling a connection and didn’t want to remain in the competition.

And he decided to interrupt her 1-on-1 date to tell her, even using the dreaded “friend” term.

“It’s just a bummer if you know you knew this before,” Desiree told him after he revealed he wanted to leave immediately.

At least Hartsock still had more than 10 guys left to choose from, and the brunette beauty still had the rest of the 1-on-1 date, a group date, and (the always awkward) 2-on-1 date.

Hartsock had her 1-on-1 with mortgage broker Chris, with the pair touring the city of Munich before enjoying a private concert from singer Matt White.

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The duo cracked themselves up trying to speak German as they navigated the foreign sites, but the tone changed after Bryden’s bombshell.

“Why right now?” Hartsock wondered aloud, calling Bryden’s timing “annoying.”

Chris assured Hartsock he was there “for the long haul,” and the two cheered to “moving forward and having good times.”

She was later moved to tears when Chris read a poem he wrote her, and told him “I couldn’t have asked for a better date with you, to bring me back to what I’m here for and lift my spirits.”

Needless to say, he got the rose.

On the group date, the guys were tasked with sledding down Germany’s highest peak, which actually proved quite scary, but laughs abounded.

After, at an igloo made into a cozy lounge, Hartsock reminded the guys she’s putting her “heart on the line,” and asked them not to waste her time if they feel the same as Bryden.

The competition for the date rose quickly heated up, and Brooks, Mikey T., James and Zak impressed her during their private time, with Brooks eventually scoring immunity.

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The 2-on-1 pairing was guaranteed to be dramatic from the get-go, with enemies Michael G., the federal prosecutor, and Ben, the single dad entrepreneur, forced to compete for Hartsock’s affections.

“This is a nightmare,” Michael said, vowing to convince Hartsock that the “repulsive” Ben was a “fraud” and to “murder” him.

Hartsock admitted (to the camera) she wanted to see if the two men could overcome their issues, but the tension never seemed to calm.

Michael knew just how to push Ben’s buttons, though he often remained silent, and a clearly uncomfortable Hartsock realized the difficult spot she placed herself in.

Things only got worse when Michael called Ben out on not getting along with their fellow contestants, followed by more accusations about his parenting and faith, prompting Ben to excuse himself, and causing Hartsock to chide Michael for his actions.

Michael feared his plan irreversibly backfired as Hartsock went to comfort Ben, but again pleaded his case during some alone time.

Amazingly, it worked — and Hartsock gave the rose to Michael, saying she saw a “future” with him, thereby eliminating Ben from the competition.

Hartsock later shocked the remaining guys by nixing the usual cocktail party, feeling she had enough time with them already to feel confident with her rose ceremony decisions.

Ultimately, Hartsock saved everyone at the rose ceremony — except for Mikey T.

The bachelorette opted to send the plumbing contractor home, despite their bonding during the group date, and the men’s wish for James to get the boot.

“I’m definitely surprised,” lamented Mikey. “I don’t understand why she doesn’t want to get to know me more.”

Now just eight guys are left in the competition.

What do you think of this week’s surprise exit and eliminations?

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