Bachelorette Recap: Desiree’s Bachelor Competitors Return, Final 4 Revealed


By Shari Weiss



Monday’s “The Bachelorette” took place on the island of Madeira in Portugal, where Desiree Hartsock received a visit from some familiar faces — her former “Bachelor” competitors!

The bridal stylist was joined by Catherine Giudici (who is now engaged to reigning “Bachelor” Sean Lowe), Lesley Murphy, and Jackie Parr, with the close pals getting the dish on Hartsock’s journey thus far.

Hartsock revealed she’s “falling” in love with more than one person, and admitted she thinks it’s “weird” she could soon be the bride herself.

But there was still a long way left to go, with Hartsock taking her five remaining suitors on three 1-on-1 dates and a 2-on-1 date.

First up was Brooks, with the pair going on a picnic, during which they reflected on how “easy” and natural” their relationship is.

“I can picture my life with Brooks after this. At this moment I’m falling in love,” Hartsock told the camera, adding, “I could see Brooks as my husband and that’s what this is about.”

Brooks, a marketing analyst, stressed how important it is that Hartsock embraces his family — whom she’d meet on their potential hometown date — and the bachelorette wasn’t scared off, admitting she’s “running” to the finish line.

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The second 1-on-1 date went to Chris, who got to go with Hartsock on a yacht to a “deserted island.”

There, the affectionate pair continued their trend of exchanging poems, with the mortgage broker suggesting they write one together to put in a bottle and throw into the water.

At night, the two toasted to a “wonderful date and an even better dinner,” and a nervous and sweaty Chris went on to make a big declaration via — of course — another poem.

“In every kiss, I truly mean that I love you,” he said in the last line, making Hartsock quite emotional.

“I wasn’t expecting him to say those words… but it couldn’t have been any better,” she told the camera after.

She added later, “I could picture a life with him, and it’s exciting.”

Next up was Michael G, getting to have a 1-on-1 with Hartsock for the first time.

After going tobogganing, the federal prosecutor opened up about his estrangement with his father, his battle with Type I diabetes, and finding out his live-in girlfriend was cheating on him.

“The silver lining to all this is that — I mean this from the bottom of my heart — is I’m feeling these feelings again,” he told Hartsock, adding to the camera later that he’s “falling in love.”

For her part, the reality star told the camera that “Michael is one of the greatest guys I ever met.”

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That left Drew and Zak to awkwardly go on the pressure-filled two-on-1 date, but things started off on a lighter note with trip to a Go-Kart track — until Hartsock told the two to compete head-to-head.

Drew was bummed to lose, and was forced to uncomfortably wait as Hartsock spent private time with Zak before him.

“This has been kind of like the best time in my life,” the drilling fluid engineer said, going on to surprise her with a sketchbook documenting their relationship.

When Drew finally got his alone time, he told her he “already” knows his family “will fall in love” with her, including his mentally-handicapped sister.

“It was so much more than I had ever imagined,” the digital marketing analyst went on to tell her of their romance. “I’ve never had this feeling with anyone… I’ve fallen in love with you.”

Their moving, emotional exchange left an over-confident Zak stunned when he didn’t get the date’s rose.

Fortunately for Zak, not getting the rose didn’t mean he was automatically eliminated… but instead that the night’s rose ceremony would be a game-changer.

With the other three men also up for elimination, Hartsock had a tough decision to make.

In a telling chat beforehand with host Chris Harrison, the brunette beauty got emotional talking about Brooks, revealing she’s no longer running but already at the finish line with him — even though he’s yet to drop the L-word.

At the rose ceremony, Hartsock ultimately gave roses to everyone except Michael.

She explained to the shell-shocked contestant her other relationships were “growing differently.

“I’m heartbroken,” he confessed as Hartsock went on to praise their “friendship,” before wishing each other “the best.”

Next week, viewers will get to see Hartsock travel to the hometowns of the Final Four: Chris, Brooks, Drew, and Zak.

Which guy are you rooting for?

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