Bachelor Recap: Sean Lowe Takes Final 3 on Thailand Dates, Big Elimination (VIDEO)


By Michael Lewittes



Sean Lowe took the three remaining ladies, Lindsay, AshLee, and Catherine, to the picturesque beaches of southern Thailand on Monday’s episode of “The Bachelor.”

On his date with Lindsay, Lowe took her to a local outdoor market where they ate bugs. The Bachelor star said he loved it because he’s looking for an “adventurous partner.” Later on a beach, they fed monkeys. Over dinner — before a night in the “Fantasy Suite” — Lindsay told Lowe, “I love you.” As for him, Lowe said he could see Lindsay as “my wife.”

His next date was with AshLee, with whom he said he had the “strongest relationship.” The two took a long boat ride around little islands in Thailand until they swam under a cave and emerged onto a private beach amidst lush foliage. Naturally, there was kissing on the beach, followed by a romantic dinner. Lowe said he was “falling in love” with AshLee, which was good because she told him precisely what kind of engagement ring she wanted. Oh, and she also agreed to a night in the “Fantasy Suite.”

The last date was with Catherine, who said she could imagine life with him in five years — married and with kids. After standing in the front of a sailboat together Titanic-style, they went snorkeling. And like Lindsay and AshLee, Lowe also said he could see himself “marrying” Catherine. She agreed reluctantly to a night in the “Fantasy Suite,” too.

So, who was eliminated? After giving Lindsay the first rose, and then the second to Catherine, a real ticked off AshLee was sent home.


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