Bachelor Sean Lowe: Tierra “Duped” Me, “I Was Such a Fool”


By Shari Weiss


Tuesday’s “The Bachelor: Sean Tells All” shed light on some of the season’s most controversial moments thus far. Sean Lowe opened up about everything from nearly throwing down with Desiree‘s brother to sending home a devastated Sarah, and — of course — being completely duped by Tierra.

As seen on Monday’s episode, Lowe was shocked on Desiree’s hometown date when her sibling accused him of being a “playboy,” and harshly questioned whether he was genuinely seeking love. “I really wanted to hit him. I really did,” Lowe admitted to host Chris Harrison. “Anyone who knows me knows I’m the furthest thing from a playboy.”

When asked about Sarah’s shock and emotion at being sent home before the rose ceremony a few weeks back, Lowe insisted that the one-armed girl’s confidence should not be shattered. “Someone is gonna love her for the rest of her life…” he predicted. “She just hasn’t found it yet.”

But the juiciest moments came when Lowe reflected on Tierra’s time on the show, which consisted of her having multiple medical “emergencies,” repeatedly fighting with the other women, and manipulating the object of her affection at every chance she got. “When I watch it back, I’m like, man I was such a fool, because I really feel like I was duped,” admitted Lowe.

The Bachelor went on to say that Tierra “never should have come on the show,” largely because “she’s a woman that simply cannot get along with her peers.” And though the other contestants tried to warn Lowe, he confessed that he “wouldn’t have kept” Tierra on the show as long as he did had he known the full extent of her shenanigans earlier.

When Harrison said that the entire season — and Lowe’s quest for a wife — could have been ruined had he not wised up, the hunky blonde didn’t disagree. “It really could have, and that’s sad to say, and I’m so thankful that was not the case,” Lowe said.

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