“Bachelor” Recap: Contestant Taken to Hospital + Who Went Home?


By Shari Weiss



Monday’s episode of “The Bachelor” featured more than just hearts getting crushed. A (not-so-friendly) roller derby outing among the girls and Sean Lowe landed one contestant in the hospital. Eight of the gals put on helmets and protective padding for the activity, where Sarah — who is missing part of her left arm — had particular trouble and became emotional.

But it was Amanda who ended up needing emergency care when she smacked her chin on the hard floor after a nasty fall, and an on-site medic said she might have broken her jaw. Thankfully, Amanda wasn’t seriously injured, but admitted to the camera upon her return that she planned to “milk” the injury and “play the sympathy card,” earning a little peck on the chin from Sean in the process.

The drama amped up again when Tierra had a full-on, tears-and-all meltdown, asking to leave and crying about being “tortured” by the other ladies (though many of the women would say it’s the other way around). But once she got comforted by Sean — and the group date rose — the other contestants were stunned that he fell for her manipulations.

The first one-on-one date featured Sean and Selma rock climbing at Joshua Tree National Park. The Iraqi beauty was none too pleased to be in the desert, let alone doing something athletic, and sports-loving Sean admitted that he wanted to take her out of her comfort zone. After completing the task, the two cleaned up for dinner in a glammed-up trailer park, where Selma opened up about her family’s “conservative” and “strict” Arabic customs.

In fact, Selma said her Muslim faith frowns upon public displays of affection so much, she wasn’t willing to be seen kissing Sean on television, particularly because her mom is already “not happy” with her being on the show. No matter, Sean understood and gave Selma the date rose, telling the camera, “I can see Selma being the one.”

The second solo date went to Leslie H., who, in true Pretty Woman fashion, got to go shopping with Lowe on Rodeo Drive, was gifted with diamond earrings, and was also (temporarily) treated to a $500,000 Neil Lane necklace. As the date went on, Sean was happy to hear Leslie say all the right things, but told her during dinner that he wasn’t feeling a “romantic connection,” and declined to give her the date rose. “I wanted it to be there. I really did,” he told the “blindsided” contestant as she struggled to get the pricey necklace off. Just before leaving, Leslie warned him that some of the girls weren’t there for the “right reasons.”

As if proving her point, just minutes later, Tierra confronted Robyn and Jackie before the rose ceremony, claiming she wanted to “squash” the drama between them. Of course, her motives were less than pure, as she later revealed to the camera that “nothing” will stop her from ending up with Sean in the end.

When it came time for the ceremony itself, Sean sent home Amanda, even after her medical misery. Just 11 ladies remain, and next week will have new episodes airing on Monday and Tuesday.

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