The Bachelor Recap: Kacie B. Acts “Crazy”


By Michael Lewittes


Things got real on Monday’s episode of “The Bachelor,” with the claws coming out between Amanda and Desiree, and Kacie B. shooting herself in the foot with Sean Lowe.

The show started off with Lowe taking Lesley on a one-on-one date to the Guinness Book of World Records museum, where they were tasked with attempting to break the record of the longest onscreen kiss in front of a massive crowd. They succeeded — kissing for longer than three minutes and 16 seconds — and Lesley received a rose.

Next came the group date, in which the women were made to play a six vs. six beach volleyball game with Lowe. It was a hot mess. After, the winning team got to spend time with Lowe, and he shared kisses with Lindsay and Desiree. He also had some alone time with Amanda, who immediately began talking about them hypothetically being married. She promised she would a be “light” and “fun” wife. Right…

The group date rose went to Lindsay, who reacted as if it were the best moment of her life. Hopefully, it was not. There was of course some tension on the group date, with Amanda and Desiree butting heads over Lowe.

Then, for some inexplicable reason, Kacie B. decided to use her one-on-one time with Lowe to inform him of the minor drama. He was dumbfounded, asking her, “Why are you saying something to me? They both seem fine.” Kacie claimed she was “stuck in the middle,” but to the Bachelor, she just seemed like a “crazy person.”

The following day, AshLee was waiting for Lowe to pick her up for their one-on-one date when Tierra suddenly fell down the stairs and supposedly bumped her head. She seemed to milk the accident for all it was worth until the EMTs showed up and put her in a stretcher. Apparently, she didn’t want to take it that far and soon jumped up out of the stretcher and was 100% okay. AshLee and the other girls thought she was using the incident to get attention with Lowe.

Finally, Lowe and AshLee were off, and he surprised her by renting out Six Flags for their date. But that wasn’t all of the surprise. He also invited two teenage girls suffering from Mitochondrial diseases who had become best friends through an online network helping connect children with the same illnesses.

It was the first time the teens, Brianna and Emily, had met and they had an amazing time enjoying the theme park with Lowe and AshLee. When Lowe and AshLee got some alone time, she revealed to him that she was adopted and age six after having been abused in foster care. Her touching story about the first time she met her adopted father had Lowe — and likely a lot of viewers — in tears. She received a rose.

The following day, a dark cloud descended over the Bachelor mansion and it was elimination time. Lowe booted Kacie B. out before the rose ceremony because they were friends before the show and he said he had “too much respect” for her to make her sit through the process. Kristy and Taryn were also eliminated.

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