The Bachelor Recap: Photo Shoots, Pranks & Scary Jump Off a Skyscraper (VIDEO)


By Michael Lewittes



‘The Bachelor” kicked off on Monday with Sean Lowe picking up Sarah, the one-armed advertising executive, in a helicopter for a one-on-one date. The two landed on top of a skyscraper, where Sarah was told they were going to do a free fall jump 300 feet down. And they did! Afterwards, Lowe and a much-relieved Sarah drank wine, talked, and kissed for a while after “The Bachelor” presented her with a rose.

Next, Lowe went on a group date with Katie, Kristy, Tierra, Selma, Taryn, Kacie B., Daniella, Robyn, Diana, Catherine, Brooke, Lesley M., and Amanda. During the outing, the ladies participated in a photo shoot for Harlequin romance novels.

A rep from the book company said the woman with the “best chemistry” will appear with Lowe on “three real covers” to be sold nationwide. Kristy, a professional model, won the competition with a super hot photo shoot. But Lowe and Lesley M. also seemed to have chemistry during the shoot, and shared a kiss later that evening. That same night, Katie told “The Bachelor” that she was “not adjusting” and that it was “not the right setting” for her, and she wanted to go home. Lowe then ushered her to a waiting car.

There was another one-on-one date during which Lowe had Desiree join him at an a “gallery” filled with supposedly super expensive artwork. In reality, it was really part of an elaborate prank that resulted in a pricey piece of “art” falling to the ground and smashing into tiny bits while Desiree was standing alone by it. After an actor pretending to be the broken work’s “artist” got in Desiree’s face, Lowe felt bad about the prank, and let her know it was all a joke. While the two later hung out at his house, “The Bachelor” gave Desiree a rose — followed by them making out in his pool.

There was then another cocktail party, where Lindsay, who wore a wedding when she first met Lowe, spent some time with “The Bachelor,” as did several other women. So, who got the boot? Brooke and Diana were sent home.


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