The Bachelor Recap: Sean Lowe Slammed as “Playboy” on Hometown Date (VIDEO)

(Us Weekly)

By Michael Lewittes


(Us Weekly)

Sean Lowe visited the four remaining ladies’ hometowns on Monday’s episode of “The Bachelor,” and while he received a warm welcome in some homes, he was met with skepticism in others.

Lowe first traveled to AshLee’s parents’ house in Houston Texas, where her adoptive father told him the story of meeting his daughter for the first time. AshLee’s dad gave Lowe his blessing, and her mother told him she couldn’t wait to meet his family. Meanwhile, AshLee told the camera she was ready to marry Lowe ASAP.

Next Lowe headed to Seattle to meet Catherine’s family. Lowe fit right in with her mother, grandmother and two sisters, and even wore an apron to cook with her mom in the kitchen. However, when he asked Catherine’s sisters if they thought she was ready to get married, they were unsure, and when Lowe asked Catherine’s mom for her blessing to marry her daughter, she would not yet give him an answer.

Lowe then visited Lindsay’s home in Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, where her dad is a military general. The Bachelor was anxious about meeting Lindsay’s dad, but was pleasantly surprised by his kindness. Her father gave Lowe his blessing to wed his daughter, and even gave him some military ID tags.

Last up was Desiree’s hometown of Los Angeles, a date which started off well and ended in disaster. The pair went hiking, cooked dinner and Desiree pulled a prank on Lowe, having an actor show up at her house and pretend to be a jilted ex. Lowe was certainly duped by the ruse, but he laughed it off when Desiree’s told him he’d been had. Desiree’s parents and brother then came over for dinner, and her mother and father were very warm and welcoming to Lowe. Her brother was not. He took Lowe aside and accused him of not being into Desiree, saying, “I think you’re just a playboy” who is “having fun with the circumstances.” Ultimately, that was a deal-breaker for Lowe, who sent Desiree packing in the end after a very tough decision.


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