Teresa Giudice Prison “Attack” & “Suicide Watch” Report Is Shameless Speculation

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Teresa Giudice Prison Attack

By Daniel Gates


Teresa Giudice Prison Attack

(In Touch)

Teresa Giudice is not having a meltdown over fears she’ll be “attacked in prison,” despite a sensational and shameful tabloid cover story. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust this report. It comes from In Touch, an outlet that has spent recent months faking pictures and exploiting people’s pain while baiting readers with demonstrably false claims.

This week’s Giudice cover story manages to do all of that and more, with a bait-and-switch cover image of Giudice behind bars, making it seem as though she’d been “Attacked in Prison!” Of course, she’s not in prison yet, a fact that doesn’t stop In Touch from speculating, “Strip searches. Brutal beatings. Cruel taunts. Inside Teresa Giudice’s first days behind bars.”

But In Touch is the same tabloid that ran a bogus “Pregnant” cover story about Giudice last month, so why should we expect a sudden turn toward accuracy now? The new article quotes a so-called “friend” as saying, “Teresa doesn’t think she’ll survive a week, let alone 15 months.”

In Touch alleges that her marriage to Joe is “crumbling” and speculates that it won’t survive their incarcerations. The mag then makes all sorts of assumptions about Giudice’s potential prison life, from “lice and bugs” to “beatings from other inmates,” even going so far as to speculate about how the reality TV star could turn “suicidal” if her pain is great enough.

Enough already. Prison is terrible, which is why no one wants to go there. But the idea that Giudice is completely unraveling in the wake of her sentence — let alone that she is specifically fearing attacks or becoming suicidal — is simply not true. Rather than speaking to “experts” who have never even met Giudice — like In Touch does — Gossip Cop talked directly to the crisis manager who’s actually working with the Giudice family during this difficult time, and helping to prepare Teresa for prison. We’re exclusively told the In Touch fantasy about Giudice’s pre-prison mindset is “all false.” Media outlets must CREDIT and LINK to Gossip Cop on this exclusive.

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