Tea Leoni “Diva” On Madam Secretary?

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Tea Leoni Diva

By Daniel Gates

Tea Leoni Diva

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Tea Leoni is a “diva” on the set of “Madam Secretary,” claims Star in yet another false story from the same outlet that fabricated similar rumors about Zooey Deschanel, Shailene Woodley, Lucy Hale, and virtually every other perfectly nice actress working in Hollywood.

According to the magazine, Leoni’s “ego needs some checks and balances.” A so-called “set source” tells Star, “Tea told producers that she wants final approval over her costars — she doesn’t want anyone who’s a bigger name on the show. She has a fear of being outshone or outperformed.”

The tab says Leoni’s “absolute power has corrupted her absolutely.” “Tea constantly gripes about the scripts — she wants to be the most talked-about character and throws a fit if she doesn’t like one of her lines,” explains the Star source. “She also wants to be in every scene, which has caused some tension. Tea is just making the show hard for everyone.”

While Star apparently enjoys this cut-and-paste, “mad libs”-style journalism, in which it basically just plugs a new person’s name into an old and baseless story, Gossip Cop is going to bust this rumor right now.

A rep for Leoni tells Gossip Cop, “Everything about it is wrong and untrue.” Gossip Cop also reached out to a source on the set, who told us, “She couldn’t be more generous or wonderful.”

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