WATCH: Taylor Swift Wraps Presents And Surprises Fans In Behind-The-Scenes Gift-Giving Video

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Tayor Swift Gift Giving Video

By Michael Lewittes


Tayor Swift Gift Giving Video


Taylor Swift has spent weeks showing her adoring fans how much she loves them by mailing them personalized holiday presents for what has become known as “Swiftmas.” Now the generous singer is giving her followers a behind-the-scenes look at her entire gift giving process in a heartwarming YouTube video she shared on Wednesday (see below).

“I experienced so many moments of true love this year, and all of them were with you,” she tweeted, along with the video. “Here’s to more magic in 2015.” The six-minute video begins with an explanation of how Swift started a trend in 2014 known as “Tay-lurking,” in which she would study “every detail of a fan’s likes, job, whereabouts” and later leave a single Santa emoji on their social media pages. “Tay-lurking” eventually evolved to “Swiftmas,” and fans soon started to receive large Fedex boxes filled with presents on their doorsteps.

The footage then cuts to Swift hand-wrapping gifts in every corner of her New York home. She takes a moment to scold her cat for getting snuggling on one of her fan’s gifts. ”Meredith, that is Sophie’s blanket,” she says. “I can’t even believe this. That is so rude.” Swift’s entire home is filled with presents and wrapping paper throughout the process. At one point, the “Blank Space” singer is wearing flannel pajamas and a Santa hat as she sings, “Christmas! I’m Santa Claus!” She adds, “This is actually a Hanukkah present! It’s the second day of Hanukkah, so I don’t want to miss the whole thing.” The pop star later realizes that she definitely needs more bubble wrap before she sarcastically thanks her other cat, Olivia, for sitting on the gifts and biting the wrapping paper.

The video includes many of her followers’ tearful reactions, but the best part has to be when Swift personally delivers gifts to a fan’s home in Connecticut. She notes, “They have no idea we’re coming. They are supposed to be home because they think a package is being dropped off by UPS, but UPS is me.” Check out the adorable video below, and tell us what you think!

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