CLAIM: Taylor Swift “Starving” For a Man

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By Michael Lewittes


Taylor Swift is so “lonely” and “desperate to find a romance that lasts,” she’s taken to starving herself, reports Life & Style.

The mag says the country singer “has lost a whopping 20 pounds in recent months,” and quotes a nutritional therapist — who has never treated Swift and only seen photos of the star — as saying, “Her waistline has gotten smaller, her breasts have shrunk… it’s clear she’s not eating enough.”

Life & Style goes on to claim that Swift’s supposedly drastic weight loss is the result of “a series of failed romances — and the fear that she’ll end up alone.” Swift “had her heart broken by Joe Jonas, John Mayer and Jake Gyllenhaal,” says the tab, which speculates that she believes “starving herself will help her win a man.”

The tabloid then consults a “relationship expert,” who explains, “When women are hurt over and over, they tend not to eat… Sometimes they think their body is to blame for the break ups.” And a so-called “music source” adds, “I never see her eat. People are wondering whether she’s headed for a breakdown.”

Well Gossip Cop is wondering how this ridiculous story made it to print. For starters, Swift is NOT scary skinny — she looks the same as she always has, give or take a few pounds. And she is only 22 years old, so we’re pretty confident she’s not stressing about “winding up alone” in life. In any case, a source extremely close to Swift tells us there’s absolutely “no truth” to the mag’s weight loss and loneliness claims. As usual, Life & Style is just starving for drama.

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