Taylor Swift: Not All My Songs Are About Breakups (VIDEO)


By Michael Lewittes



Taylor Swift doesn’t only write songs to get back at her ex-boyfriends.

Appearing on “VH1 Storytellers,” the country star says each of her tracks tells a different story — some good, and some bad.


Swift reveals she wrote “Ours” about “a guy nobody thought I should be with.”

She explains, “I wrote this song specifically just to play it for him, just to show him, ‘I don’t care what anyone says. I don’t care that you have tattoos. I don’t care that you have a gap between your teeth. I love you for who you are.'”

The singer adds that she was inspired to pen “Love Story” when she was “mad at my parents because they didn’t want me to date this dude when I was 17, and I threw a fit and ran to my room and wrote [the] song on my bedroom floor.”

Swift goes on to note that songs “happen in really weird, strange, quirky ways,” and says she loves “to explore the start of them, where they were first brought into the world, where you first got that first little idea.”

Check out the video below!

Swifts full episode of “VH1 Storytellers” airs on November 11.


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