Taylor Swift “Turned Her Back” On Old Friends When She Got Famous?

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By Daniel Gates

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Taylor Swift has gotten too big for her boots — with pals claiming the country music songbird is turning her back on the common folk!” reports the National Enquirer.

What’s this all about? A purported “source” tells the outlet, “Taylor goes out of her way to depict herself as a down-to-earth girl who’s completely unaffected by fame, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.”

“Within the past few years, she’s become a completely different person,” adds the Enquirer insider. “Once she joined the celebrity ‘in’ crowd, Taylor either turned her back on her old friends completely or gave them only limited access through ‘her people.'”

Wait… what? Swift has been in the music business and famous for the better part of a decade. She was still a teenager when she became one of the biggest names in entertainment. At what point did she supposedly join the “in” crowd, in the eyes of the Enquirer? Last week?

Swift includes her friends in music videos, has resolved to put roots down in her adopted hometown, celebrates milestones with her old pals and celebrities, and spends time with friends at seemingly every opportunity.

There’s no evidence that Swift “turned her back” on people in the entire Enquirer article, except for a single anecdote from a radio personality who says that Swift gave him only a brief hello at a recent industry event. That’s pretty much all the tabloid has.

A source close to Swift tells Gossip Cop the report is “unequivocally wrong,” noting that the singer still regularly hangs out with her oldest pals.

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National Enquirer

Taylor Swift turned her back on old friends when she became famous.

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