VIDEO: Taylor Swift’s Wonderfully Awkward Middle School Smoothie Commercial

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Taylor Swift Smoothies

By Daniel Gates


Taylor Swift Smoothies


Taylor Swift is currently dominating the world with 1989. She’s at the top of the charts and on the cover of every magazine. But what was she up to back in middle school? She was starring in “Paco’s Paradise Smoothies,” a commercial Swift and some friends made for an 8th grade investigative studies project! Someone posted the clip to Reddit, and it is definitely worth watching.

While this video may not be Swift’s biggest hit, it’s an adorably awkward look at her pre-fame years. The mega-selling singer appears as one of the girls on a magical island where our heroes find themselves transported after drinking some delicious smoothies they find in the fridge. “Would you like a drink from Paco’s tiki bar?” asks Swift with a smile. In case you were wondering, flavors included Strawberry Splash, Grape Explosion and Blueberry Wave!

Swift and her friends seem very enthusiastic about the beverage. Sadly, Paco’s Paradise Smoothies never really caught on, and Swift was forced to become a spokeswoman for Diet Coke. But you can still relive her glory days in the video below. Maybe it doesn’t quite have the production value of “Blank Space,” but it’s still worth watching. What do you think?

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