HollywoodLife Keeps Feeding Fans Bogus Selena Gomez & Taylor Swift “Feud” Story

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Selena Gomez Taylor Swift Feud

By Daniel Gates

Selena Gomez Taylor Swift Feud


HollywoodLife keeps trying to milk a nonexistent Selena GomezTaylor Swift “feud.” The webloid, which regularly lies about Gomez and Swift, spent months telling everyone that the two stars were at war over Gomez’s on-and-off relationship with Justin Bieber. It was never true, just like a lot of lies told by HollywoodLife to get cheap traffic. Earlier this week, HollywoodLife got caught. Swift exposed the webloid for what it is. Not surprisingly, HollywoodLife is now trying desperately to cover its tracks.

On Saturday, the blog posted a lame story titled, “Selena Gomez Forgives Taylor Swift After Justin Bieber Feud.” It explains that Gomez “following” Swift on Instagram again must mean that they’re “starting to repair their broken BFF bond.”

“We love that these girls are close enough that they’re like sisters,” writes HollywoodLife, contradicting months’ worth of its stories without batting an eye. “They fight, they bicker and feud, but they will ALWAYS make up and come back to each other through love and support.”

HollywoodLife spent months manufacturing and trying to capitalize on a 100 percent bogus feud. Now it’s trying to pretend that it has special insight into Swift and Goemz’s “mended” relationship. It wants fans to forget. It never wants to be held accountable for misleading them.

What HollywoodLife lacks in sources it certainly makes up for with shamelessness. As Gossip Cop keeps pointing out — any fans who have a real interest in what’s happening with Gomez and Bieber, or Gomez and Swift, or pretty much any other sets of celebrities, should probably steer clear of HollywoodLife’s fictional narratives.

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Selena Gomez has forgiven Taylor Swift after their feud.

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