Taylor Swift & Robert Pattinson Hookup?

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By Daniel Gates



It had to happen. A tabloid is now linking Robert Pattinson to Taylor Swift. OK! magazine is taking the leap, increasingly desperate for any fresh Pattinson-Kristen Stewart angle, having already lurched (even further) into the realm of the absurd with false stories about secret texts and mandatory lie-detector tests. This week, it’s Swift.

According to the tab, the “newly single man-eater” is “setting her sights on the ultimate Hollywood conquest,” allegedly sending Pattinson texts and asking if he wants to meet up. With Pattinson and Stewart supposedly “on shaky ground,” explains OK!, “the country cutie figures Rob is fair game!”

A so-called “insider” for the magazine claims Pattinson “is actually considering reciprocating” Swift’s advances. “Rob’s ready to play the field… [Swift] would be a fantastic revenge fling if nothing else,” says the OK! source. There’s history here, according to the tabloid. “She has always had a thing for Rob, and when she and Taylor Lautner broke up, she let Rob know she was available, but at that point he was hot and heavy with Kristen,” explains the OK! insider. Since Stewart’s summer indiscretion with Rupert Sanders, says the mag’s source, Pattinson finds Swift “a lot more interesting.” The insider describes Swift as a “sore spot” for Stewart, adding, “Kristen is terrified that Rob is going to have a revenge fling, so it will be especially painful if it’s with Taylor!”

OK! portrays Pattinson as a vindictive lout desperate to exact revenge on his girlfriend. “Taylor is so hot, but more than that, he knows Kristen would be crushed — and he’s dying to get back at her,” explains the mag’s source. “He loves Kristen and has forgiven her partly, but he’s still a man, and he is dying to vindicate himself.” According to the tab insider, Pattinson is torn but “hooking up with Taylor would be fun and cathartic!”

Enough. OK!’s disastrous track record with Pattinson is well-established, and its “sources” have apparently gotten more imaginative — but not better — with time. There is absolutely ZERO truth to the supposed Swift pursuit of Pattinson. And he has NOT been looking to have a “revenge fling” with the country-pop superstar. This is an example of a tabloid taking two of the biggest names in the gossip universe and forcing them into the same headline in order to start a round of baseless rumors it can then milk for the foreseeable future. Sources close to both Pattinson and Swift tell Gossip Cop the story of a brewing romance between the two is a complete joke and 100 percent “false.”

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