Taylor Swift Rebuilds Sea Wall in Rhode Island, RadarOnline Spreads Fake Outrage

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By Daniel Gates

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RadarOnline is spreading another false rumor about Taylor Swift and property. It’s becoming a bad habit. This time, the webloid picked up a report that claimed Swift was supposedly infuriating her neighbors by ripping up a public beach to construct a private sea wall at her estate in Rhode Island. “She’s tearing up the beach and everyone is pissed off about it,” a source tells RadarOnline, which alleges that Swift “doesn’t have a permit.” That’s false.

The blog’s overheated tale is based on a single item in a local Connecticut newspaper that got the facts wrong on the story and later issued a correction. All of the work being done on Swift’s property has been in close consultation with the Rhode Island Coastal Resources Management Council (CRMC) in connection with damage sustained during Hurricane Sandy. The organization asked Swift to place boulders as close as possible to the concrete wall on her property after decades of erosion had worn away the rocks that were already there. She received permits in November.

According to the original story, Swift had a “giant machine… lifting big appliance-size boulders up out of the ocean… and moving them,” giving readers the impression that the singer was mining the Atlantic for rocks for her own use. That’s false. The newspaper later acknowledged that the company doing the work for Swift was actually taking rocks from her own property, and that any additional materials were imported from a quarry. According to the CRMC, the project’s engineering firm has had an engineer on site every single day because it’s a high-profile case and they wanted to ensure compliance. “Everything is on the level. They haven’t done anything wrong,” an official tells the Providence Journal. The bottom line: Swift is rebuilding a sea wall on her own property after storm damage, is doing so in compliance with all rules and regulations, and has every necessary permit. While the original newspaper writer corrected his story, so far RadarOnline has not.

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