CLAIM: Taylor Swift Secretly After Conor Kennedy’s Father — RFK, Jr.

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By Daniel Gates


The National Enquirer, which has been printing grossly sensationalized stories about Taylor Swift‘s romance with Conor Kennedy for weeks, is now taking things up a notch. According to the tabloid, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s girlfriend, “Curb Your Enthusiasm” actress Cheryl Hines supposedly suspects the country superstar is secretly after RFK, Jr. — not his teenage son.

Um… what?! “Cheryl is convinced that Taylor is bad news all the way around for the Kennedy family,” claims a so-called Enquirer “insider,” adding, “She warned Bobby that Taylor is just using Conor to make herself more famous and that she’s going to break his heart.” The source continues, “But what really ticks Cheryl off is how flirty and helpless Taylor acts whenever she’s around Bobby. Deep down she believes Taylor only made a play for the son so she could get to his father.”

Wait a second. Is the Enquirer seriously suggesting that Hines thinks Swift is trying to steal 58-year-old RFK, Jr. from her?

“Cheryl has heard a lot of stories of Taylor’s obsession with the Kennedy family and her desperate social climbing,” explains the tab’s source. “Getting her clutches into Bobby would be the ultimate prize in her twisted dream of turning herself into the next Jackie Kennedy.”

Uh-huh. Is this before or after Swift elopes with Conor, which is the false rumor the Enquirer was spreading just last week? It’s not Swift’s purported obsession with the Kennedys that’s the issue — it’s the Enquirer’s obsession with turning her fledgling relationship into some kind of conspiracy. There is ZERO truth to the claim that Hines believes Swift secretly wants to snare her boyfriend’s father. A source close to Hines tells Gossip Cop the Enquirer story is “completely absurd.”

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National Enquirer

Taylor Swift is secretly after Conor Kennedy’s father.

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