CLAIM: Taylor Swift Desperate to “Get Together” With Prince Harry

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(The Sun)

By Shari Weiss

(The Sun)

Taylor Swift has her “sights set on meeting” Prince Harry, claims The Sun. According to the tabloid, the singer “is gagging to get together” with the royal when he visits the United States next month.

A so-called “source” for the paper alleges, “Taylor’s desperate to get her name added on to the VIP lists of stars being lined up to meet Harry. She loves everything about him — especially his ginger hair and English accent.” Oh, go on…

“She’s dated JFK’s great nephew Conor Kennedy, who is considered American royalty, and Harry would be a massive step up from him,” adds The Sun’s supposed Swift insider in the most stilted and unrealistic language.

Anyway, the British paper even warns that Ed Sheeran won’t be pleased if his “girlfriend” (cough) does indeed get face-time with the prince. “Ed is laid-back, but it will be a challenge for him not to get jealous over Taylor’s admiration for another richer, ginger Englishman with the same name as one of her ex-boyfriends,” says the outlet’s “source” in yet another made-up quote.

Oh, please. Here’s what’s true about The Sun’s story: Prince Harry is coming to the U.S. in May. Here’s what’s false: Everything else. A source close to Swift tells Gossip Cop that she is NOT secretly longing to meet Prince Harry, noting that The Sun’s quotes are entirely “fake.”

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