Taylor Swift Still NOT Dating Matthew Gray Gubler, Despite HollywoodLife “Exclusive”

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By Daniel Gates

Taylor Swift and Matthew Gray Gubler


Taylor Swift is NOT dating Matthew Gray Gubler, Gossip Cop can exclusively report. They were not dating when Perez Hilton started the rumor in July, nor were they dating when the National Enquirer spread its own version of the story. Earlier this month, In Touch claimed Swift “picked up” Gubler on Facebook, and that was also false. And now the bogus romantic link has filtered all the way down to HollywoodLife, which promises to “tell you the truth EXCLUSIVELY!” (That’s hilarious.)

“Are Taylor Swift & Matthew Gray Gubler In A Relationship?” asks the webloid. “Well, yes and no,” says the blog. Huh? The outlet cites a source as saying, “Mutual attraction has led to some hangouts but they are not exclusive.” Actually, they’re not “exclusive” because they’re NOT dating.

HollywoodLife tries to explain that a “full-blown romance hasn’t sparked” because of the duo’s “conflicting schedules.” “But Taylor — and fans hoping for a Matthew Gray Gubler romance — should be hopeful,” says the site, because, as its source claims, “Stuff is brewing.”

None of this means anything. It is drivel, coming from the same unreliable reporters who falsely told everyone Swift wanted to date one of The Lumineers; was in a relationship with Ed Sheeran; and wrote “22” about Harry Styles and Justin Bieber.

HollywoodLife speaks out of both sides of its mouth, saying things like, “With [Gubler] watching out for her feelings and wanting to take things slowly, she may have found the right guy… then again, she does seem to get herself into romances that are born to fail.” The webloid does this because it has no inside information whatsoever, and its “sources” are clueless. An actual source tells Gossip Cop (yet again) that Swift and Gubler are not an item.

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