HollywoodLife Makes Up Story About Taylor Swift Being “Mad” At Selena Gomez

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By Daniel Gates

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Taylor Swift is “mad” at Selena Gomez for riding a Segway scooter with Justin Bieber, says HollywoodLife, an outlet that makes up stuff about the three stars with embarrassing frequency. Jay Penske’s blog, which spent much of 2013 making up stories involving Bieber, Gomez and Swift, starts 2014 in fine form, making up a story that has Swift allegedly angry with Gomez for hanging out with Bieber.

According to HollywoodLife, Gomez “broke unofficial best friend law” with her outing, because HollywoodLife is governed by the laws of middle school, not journalism. A so-called “insider” tells the webloid “exclusively” that Swift “does not support the reunion.”

That’s weird, because in the same story HollywoodLife makes it sounds as if Swift doesn’t even know about the reunion yet. “Once Taylor finds out that Selena is hanging out with Justin she will be very mad,” the source tells HollywoodLife. “This is exactly what Selena has told Taylor all along that she would not do, and now that she has, [it] will show Taylor that she can’t trust Selena.”

The outlet writes, “Sounds like there may be trouble in paradise if Jelena continue to hang out. But we sure hope not — Selena still having feelings for Justin doesn’t mean she can’t love Taylor with all her heart!” This is the type of speculative b.s. “reporting” we’ve come to expect from HollywoodLife, which makes up stuff.

HollywoodLife spread the lie that Miley Cyrus is pregnant. HollywoodLife twisted Jennifer Lawrence’s words to score a cheap fake story. HollywoodLife manipulated a tweet for a bogus Liam Hemsworth report. HollywoodLife lied about Cory Monteith after his death.

HollywoodLife makes up stuff about Taylor Swift, it makes up stuff about Justin Bieber, and it makes up stuff about Selena Gomez. Over and over again, HollywoodLife makes up stuff.

Gossip Cop spoke with a source close to the situation and asked whether Swift was actually upset about Bieber and Gomez riding Segway scooters together, and the source laughed it off, saying, “Not at all.” Please keep this in mind the next time HollywoodLife makes up something.

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