Taylor Swift NOT “Falling In Love” With Karlie Kloss, Despite Ridiculous Report

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Taylor Swift Karlie Kloss Dating

By Daniel Gates

Taylor Swift Karlie Kloss Dating

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Taylor Swift is NOT “falling in love” with Karlie Kloss, despite a new tabloid report. Gossip Cop was the first outlet to bust last week’s rumor that Swift and Kloss were “kissing” at a concert, and we can bust this story, in Star, claiming they’re in a romantic relationship.

Star chooses to ignore Swift’s own denial of a Kloss romance, instead reporting, “Insiders insist where there’s a hot lip-lock, there’s fire.” A so-called “friend” tells the outlet, “Taylor and Karlie were extremely close. But now, as you can see, they’re closer than ever.”

The tabloid uses all of the evidence of Swift and Kloss’ platonic and very public friendship, such as Swift tweeting that she wants to bake cookies with Kloss and later documenting their road trip together on Instagram, into proof that they’re somehow more than friends. “They’re obsessed with each other,” explains the Star source. “What’s happened between them has shocked them both.”

Since Star knows this story is bogus, it builds itself an escape hatch: “The road to togetherness is still frought (sic) with obstacles — the main one being Karlie’s longtime boyfriend, Joshua Kushner.” Oh, really? Kloss’ boyfriend might be an impediment to Star’s imaginary Kloss-Swift romance? We never could have seen that coming!

Swift and Kloss are friends. Period. End of story. They are not dating. There is no romantic relationship. When Swift directly refutes such rumors on Twitter, as she already did, the singer isn’t somehow fueling the rumors, as Star seems to believe. She’s denying it because it is NOT true. A source once again confirms to Gossip Cop that there is “no truth” to the Swift-Kloss reports.

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