Taylor Swift Kisses Selena Gomez In Joyous Post-AMAs Picture

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Taylor Swift Kiss Selena Gomez

By Daniel Gates


Taylor Swift Kiss Selena Gomez


Taylor Swift kisses Selena Gomez on the cheek as Lorde and other friends look on in a joyous post-American Music Awards photo Gomez shared on Monday. “Not a better way to end my night. Surrounded by SO much love,” wrote Gomez. See the picture at right and below.

Of course, a number of outlets have perpetuated the idea that Swift and Gomez hate each other, or at least found themselves embroiled in some kind of major feud. Even though there was never any truth to that, and even though Gossip Cop repeatedly and from the start said there was no truth to it.

HollywoodLife is perhaps the worst offender, but plenty of other unreliable outlets, such as Us Weekly, exploited phony Swift-Gomez feud rumors, too. Tabloids and webloids love nothing more than the appearance of women fighting. Conflict and drama sell, and it’s always more sensational to pit successful female artists against each other instead of just admitting that they often like and support each other.

That’s why we get endless reports of various pop stars and actresses fighting with each other, with only a very small percentage of the rumors actually being true. Swift and Gomez and their phony feud counterparts have better things to do than bash each other. Tabloids have NOTHING better to do than claim they’re bashing each other.

On Sunday, Swift looked emotional in the audience as Gomez performed her song “The Heart Wants What It Wants.” Lorde and Swift and Gomez danced together and embraced throughout the broadcast. All of them are successful, wealthy and powerful, and they didn’t get to that level by engaging in the kind of petty nonsense places like HollywoodLife and Us Weekly love to sell.

Taylor Swift Kiss Selena Gomez


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