Taylor Swift Is Still NOT Dating Karlie Kloss, Despite OK! Cover Story

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Taylor Swift Karlie Kloss Dating

By Daniel Gates


Taylor Swift Karlie Kloss Dating


Taylor Swift is not dating Karlie Kloss. It wasn’t true when Gossip Cop exclusively busted the lesbian relationship rumor way back in August. It wasn’t true when outlets claimed they were kissing at a concert earlier this month. It wasn’t true last week when Star insisted Swift and Kloss were “falling in love.” And it’s still not true, despite a new OK! cover story alleging the singer and the supermodel are in a “shocking romance!”

OK! adds nothing. This is the same magazine that falsely claimed last month that Swift was enhancing her “booty” to improve her love life. It’s the same magazine that published a bogus story in October insisting Swift was supposedly using her cats to vet potential boyfriends. It’s the same magazine that wrongly reported she had a romance with Snapchat co-founder Evan Spiegel last spring. It’s the same magazine that inaccurately said she and Harry Styles had reunited in 2013.

It’s obvious that OK! has no idea what’s happening with Swift’s love life. NO IDEA. The outlet pretty much writes whatever it wants, those claims don’t come true, and then it writes some more nonsense. This “new” cover story, claiming “it’s on” between Swift and Kloss, is hilariously wrong and out of touch. OK! thinks it has some kind of super-scoop about the “secret” romance between the women, apparently ignoring the fact that hundreds of outlets (mistakenly) wrote the exact same thing weeks ago.

Most of the OK! report seems to be rehashing the old debunked Kloss-Swift rumors, pointing out that Swift hasn’t been dating any men, with wishy-washy anonymous quotes about whether Swift and Kloss are even on the same page regarding the status of their relationship. It’s a boring retread of everyone else’s debunked “news.” A rep for Swift tells Gossip Cop exclusively that OK! had been told it was not true, and that places like Gossip Cop had already busted the wrong romantic claims, but the tabloid went with the cover story anyway.

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