Taylor Swift & Justin Bieber “Awkward Run-In” At Knicks Game Made Up By Site

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Taylor Swift Justin Bieber Knicks Game

By Daniel Gates

Taylor Swift Justin Bieber Knicks Game


HollywoodLife wants everyone to think Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber had an “awkward run-in” at the New York Knicks opener on Wednesday, even though it never happened and HollywoodLife knows it never happened.

Swift and Bieber both watched the Knicks lose to the Chicago Bulls at Madison Square Garden, along with about 20,000 other people. Swift was sitting between her pal Karlie Kloss and Ben Stiller in courtside seats, while Bieber sat a few rows away. There was no interaction between them, and there’s absolutely no story here.

But HollywoodLife has previously spread the lie that there’s bad blood between Swift and Bieber, so the site felt the need to turn their attendance at the Knicks game into a story. That’s why we get the headline, “Taylor Swift & Justin Bieber Attend Knicks Game — Awkward Run-In?”

HollywoodLife writes, “After the devastating loss, Karlie and Taylor headed across the court — with her Knicks shirt in hand — and were not pictured talking with the Biebs at all. While they may not have physically ran into one another, with just a short distance dividing them, we are sure that they were aware of each other’s presence.”

Huh? In other words, two people who are not feuding both went to a huge public event, where they did not interact, but because HollywoodLife is “sure” Swift and Bieber were “aware” of each other’s presence, it somehow becomes worthy of “awkward run-in” speculation?

HollywoodLife then has the gall to ask its readers, “Do you think Justin and Taylor should bury the hatchet?” Um, maybe just take a hatchet to this “story.”

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