Taylor Swift NOT Set To Join Julia Roberts Movie The Secret In Their Eyes

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Taylor Swift Julia Roberts Movie

By Daniel Gates

Taylor Swift Julia Roberts Movie

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Taylor Swift is NOT set to join Julia Roberts in the upcoming movie The Secret in Their Eyes. Gossip Cop can bust the rumor, which was started by the National Enquirer, a publication that is completely unreliable when it comes to casting news.

After misspelling the actress’ name as “Julia Robert,” the Enquirer claims producers are “hotly wooing hotter-than-Hades superstar Taylor Swift for her next huge win — as a MOVIE STAR!” The outlet acts as though Swift hasn’t been in movies before, even though she just appeared in The Giver.

In any case, a so-called “source” for the Enquirer says the people behind The Secret in Their Eyes want Swift to portray Roberts’ teenage daughter, and Swift is “desperately trying to jam the project into her crazy schedule.” Except Roberts allegedly wants her niece Emma to fill the role, and might fight the producers. “A behind-the-scene battle’s about to bust!” declares the Enquirer source, giddily.

No, it’s not. Because Swift is not planning to be in the movie, and Roberts is not fighting with producers over the potential casting. Once again, a tabloid decided to turn a non-story into a supposed fight between famous women, because phony fights between famous women apparently sell better than the boring truth. A source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop, “This is totally false.”

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