Taylor Swift and Harry Styles Reunited: WATCH VIDEO of Hotel Encounter

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Harry Styles Taylor Swift Video 2015

By Daniel Gates


Harry Styles Taylor Swift Video 2015

(Getty Images)

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles stood near each other in the lobby of the Sunset Marquis in Los Angeles on Wednesday. Now the footage of their encounter is being studied like the Zapruder film for clues regarding how the exes feel about each other. Watch the video below.

According to reports, both singers were on hand for Caleb Followill’s birthday party. In the amateur video, Styles can be seen approaching Swift and her group of friends. Swift does not appear to speak during the brief encounter.

TMZ, which first posted the clip, describes Swift as “extremely icy” during the awkward moments, and other outlets are playing up the angle that she “snubbed” him. Meanwhile, other alleged eyewitnesses are saying on social media that the two later hung out together for a longer period. Last Gossip Cop heard, Swift and Styles were on cordial terms, but there was not any chance of a romantic reunion.

For now, we’ll let the available video speak for itself. Swift and Styles have routinely been the subject of baseless speculation in the tabloids since their romance came to an end. We’re sure this clip will spark more of the same. Until there’s a larger context, though, there’s just some footage of a couple of extremely famous people standing near each other in a hotel lobby. Watch below.

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