Taylor Swift Does Not Want To Date Harry Styles Again, Despite Report

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Harry Styles Taylor Swift Dating Again

By Michael Lewittes


Harry Styles Taylor Swift Dating Again

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Taylor Swift does not want to date Harry Styles again, despite a totally made up story. Gossip Cop is exclusively debunking this rumor that was manufactured by the fan fiction writers at HollywoodLife after stories emerged that the exes are now pals.

According to the unreliable webloid, Swift is “obsessing” over Styles “more than ever,” and is “terrified” that she’ll have her “heart broken all over again if Harry is just messing with her feelings.” The site further fabricates that “Taylor is really serious about giving it another go with Harry” and that the two have recently been enjoying “sexy phone calls.”

Let’s stop right here. HollywoodLife’s reporting can be divided into two discrete categories: (1) Making up stories that are 100 percent false (yet not worth celebrities suing them over) and (2) stealing accurate (often exclusive) reports from legitimate outlets like Gossip Cop. HollywoodLife’s latest attempt, of course, falls into first category.

Anyway, Gossip Cop checked in with real Swift insiders about HollywoodLife’s latest story, with one telling us exclusively that she and Styles are “not getting back together.” A Swift confidante tells us the two are “friends but NOT romantic, and Taylor is not interested or wanting more,” as wrongly claimed by HollywoodLife.

Recently, the webloid wrote four stories over the course of 48 hours, claiming Styles sent Swift 1,989 roses, in honor of her hit album 1989, and said they were reuniting. All four stories were wrong, as Gossip Cop exclusively reported. We can’t wait to see how HollywoodLife tries to dig itself out of its latest hole. We’re fairly certain the bogus blog will use its second style of reporting, and simply steal the basic gist of this bust.

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