Harry Styles and Taylor Swift Did Not Reunite; HollywoodLife Lies, Steals Stories

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Harry Styles Taylor Swift Back Together

By Daniel Gates

Harry Styles Taylor Swift Back Together

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HollywoodLife says it has “exclusively” learned that Harry Styles and Taylor Swift will not start dating again. The webloid cites a source as saying, “There’s not a chance in hell that Harry will date Taylor again… He holds no grudges, but he doesn’t want to be in a relationship with Taylor again. It didn’t work out and wouldn’t work out if they tried it again.” Additionally, the site says it’s learned that a tabloid report claiming Styles recently sent 1,989 roses to Swift is “false.”

We’re really, really trying to stay composed, but… this is RIDICULOUS. HollywoodLife just finished posting a series of stories saying THE EXACT OPPOSITE. Oh, and HollywoodLife also stole the ACCURATE version of events from Gossip Cop. Again.

On Monday, Gossip Cop busted the phony tabloid story alleging that Swift and Styles have been “secretly dating for months,” and that Styles sent Swift all those roses. We were correct, from the start. HollywoodLife, meanwhile, took the bait. The webloid posted a story on Monday alleging to have “the full scoop” that Styles sent Swift the roses, and that a “Haylor reunion” was happening. We need to repeat this: On Monday, HollywoodLife said the Swift-Styles roses/reunion story was true.

Oh, but HollywoodLife was far from finished. Later on Monday, the site posted a roundup of tweets from fans excited about the bogus Swift-Styles reunion rumor HollywoodLife itself had fueled. The webloid repeated the roses story and giddily reported on the “excitement of Haylor fans” who were freaking out about the reconciliation. Again, the rumor was false, but HollywoodLife was now spreading it for a second time.

Then Bonnie Fuller, the HollywoodLife editor-in-chief ultimately responsible for the site’s inaccurate reporting, wrote an essay ordering Swift to “give Harry Styles a second chance.” The essay is repetitive and based on the same nonsensical tabloid rumors. Oh, and we’re sure Swift is basing many of her life decisions on what Fuller thinks she should do.

On Tuesday, HollywoodLife speculated that Styles’ new songs on the One Direction album Four could be about Swift. As evidence, it supplies a few vague lyrics that no one except HollywoodLife thinks are about Styles’ ex-girlfriend. Anything to continue the false narrative! This post again repeats the roses-and-reunion claim, declaring, “Harry really has T-Swift on the brain!”

That’s four separate HollywoodLife stories in the last two days claiming Styles and Swift are reuniting, and that he sent her roses. We’re not even including a fifth story about the two singers’ possible “face-to-face” at this coming weekend’s American Music Awards, a comically bad article that takes as fact the original tabloid report about the roses, but then acts as though the secret months-long reunion never included Swift and Styles meeting in person.

It all led to Wednesday, when HollywoodLife stole Gossip Cop’s accurate story about Swift and Styles NEVER reuniting and roses NEVER being sent, and pretended to have an “exclusive” that completely contradicted its previous five posts. HollywoodLife steals and lies. That’s what HollywoodLife does.

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