Harry Styles and Taylor Swift NOT Sexting Or Back Together, Despite BOGUS Report

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By Daniel Gates

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Taylor Swift and Harry Styles are NOT back together, despite HollywoodLife and other outlets trying to force the issue. According to the webloid, which routinely embarrasses itself when trying to report on Swift’s love life, “the One Direction hottie has won his way back into her good graces by sending her lots of sexy text messages.”

This is not true. “Harry’s sexts are getting to Taylor,” claims the blog, which also claims Styles co-wrote the song “Something Great” in an attempt “to win Taylor back!”

The know-nothing insider tells HollywoodLife, “Harry has been sending Taylor sexy texts for months. Most of the time she just ignores him but she’s lonely and she still has feelings for him so you can’t really blame her for getting sucked back in. He’s very persistent and very charming.” “She’s talking to him again so it does seem like she’s falling back under his spell,” explains the site’s tipster.

The “source” who fed HollywoodLife this “exclusive” made it up. Period. Of course, this is the same site that once falsely speculated that Swift and Styles were a week away from marriage. And it’s the same site that wrongly spread the rumor that Swift wrote “22” about Styles. HollywoodLife knows absolutely nothing about what happens between Taylor Swift and Harry Styles. An actual insider, meanwhile, tells Gossip Cop that there is NO truth to any of the stories claiming the two music stars are back together. They are not. “I think somebody’s just trying to stir something gossipy up before the AMAs,” explains our source. Oh, like how HollywoodLife made up some drama before last year’s awards?

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