Taylor Swift, Hailee Steinfeld NOT “Denied Entry” to Venice Restaurant, Despite Claim

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(Perez Hilton)

By Michael Lewittes

(Perez Hilton)

Taylor Swift & Hailee Steinfeld Are Denied Entry At Venice Restaurant!” screams a headline of a Perez Hilton story that goes on to claim the two women couldn’t get into a California restaurant named Gjelina “because of full reservations and a booked house.”

The blogger further writes, “Gjelina knew Taylor was trouble when she walked in…but only because there was no way they could give her and her Hailee seats, even though Tay Tay probably pleaded for them to please just say yes!” Perez then nastily editorializes, “After she got rejected, she probably told them to shut the f*ck up, like she does.”

And pointing out the hat she wore (see photo at right), the blogger then tries to be funny, noting, “The last time someone with that Indiana Jones hat was in Venice, they were searching for the Holy Grail. While they eventually found it, unfortunately Taylor was not lucky enough to find a table in that snazzy fedora. She chose…poorly!” Actually, the only thing that’s repeatedly done “poorly” is Perez’s reporting.

A source close to Swift tells Gossip Cop his “denied entry” claim is “completely false.” We’re told when the picture was taken, Steinfeld and Swift “had already been out to eat,” and that they were later photographed shopping. Our insider adds not only didn’t they “even try to go [to Gjelina],” but “Taylor doesn’t even know where this restaurant is.” Once again, more bad dish from Perez.

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Perez Hilton

Taylor Swift and Hailee Steinfeild were denied access to a restaurant in Venice.

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