Taylor Swift Security Did NOT Fight Locals Over Fourth of July Parade, Despite Report

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By Daniel Gates

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RadarOnline is wrong — yet again — about Taylor Swift. The outlet seems to have serious accuracy problems when it comes to reporting on Swift and property, and the trend continues with a new story claiming the security team at the singer’s Rhode Island residence complained to authorities about the local Fourth of July parade.

“Tensions are running high between Taylor’s security team and volunteers for the East Beach Association,” a source tells RadarOnline. The supposed insider explains, “At the Fourth of July parade, some of the guards accused some of the EBA kids of ‘pelting’ them with candy but they were just passing it out. It was a parade!”

“The guards got super pissy and called the supervisors of the whole program to complain about it,” alleges the RadarOnline source. “It’s the silliest thing I’ve ever heard!” Um, this is silly, alright, because RadarOnline’s report is completely off base. First, isn’t it weird how this alleged parade feud is only being mentioned more than two weeks after it supposedly happened?

More importantly, as part of her well-docmented Fourth of July celebration, Swift and her friends actually watched and enjoyed the parade from her balcony, a source close to the situation informs Gossip Cop. We’re told the RadarOnline report about supposed trouble between Swift’s team and the locals is totally “not true.”

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Taylor Swift’s security team fought locals during the 4th July parade.

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