Taylor Swift Shows Off Her Creepy And Hilarious Gremlin Voice — WATCH VIDEO!

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Taylor Swift Gremlin Voice Video

By Shari Weiss


Taylor Swift Gremlin Voice Video


Taylor Swift is a master of many trades, and apparently imitating a gremlin is one of them. The superstar demonstrates her creepy but hilarious voice talent in a new MTV interview with Jack Antonoff.


The pair sat down for a chat about Swift’s 1989 album, which officially drops on Monday. Swift collaborated with Antonoff on three of the tracks, including the recently released “Out of the Woods.” Talking about how the project came about, the fun. member reveals Swift would send over voice memos and amusingly end them using her gremlin voice.

Swift recalled being really embarrassed the first time she pulled it out. “And then it started becoming a thing, and it just became gremlin voice,” she said.

Swift actually revealed on Thursday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live” that she based “You Are In Love,” a song she and Antonoff worked on for the deluxe edition of the album, on his relationship with girlfriend Lena Dunham. She revealed, “I wrote it as kind of a commentary on what their relationship has been like, and so it’s actually me looking in and going, ‘This happened and then that happened and that happened,’ then that’s how you knew you’re in love.”

It’s unclear if any gremlin voices were involved.

Check out Swift’s gremlin voice in the video below!

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