Taylor Swift Has Cat Fight With John Cleese On Graham Norton Show (VIDEO)

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Taylor Swift Graham Norton

By Michael Lewittes


Taylor Swift Graham Norton


Taylor Swift and John Cleese had a literal cat fight on Friday’s “Graham Norton Show.”


After Norton showed a photo of Swift’s cat Olivia, Cleese said her cat looked “damaged,” adding, “That’s the weirdest cat I’ve ever seen in my life.” Swift got her revenge, though, when the talk show host showed a photo of Cleese’s large cat. She remarked that the “Monty Python” star’s cat looked like a “monster.”

The fun continued when Taylor was describing her secret listening sessions. When Swift explained she invites fans she doesn’t know — but has only seen on the Internet — into her home, Graham said that it was “terrible idea, the worst idea!”

The singer didn’t help herself either when she explained how she picked particular fans, noting, “I would go online… and watch them for months.” But the best part was when Swift related how her fans express their appreciation for her by using death words like, “Dying,” “Died,” and “Dead.” “I love them so much.. always talk about dying,” said the singer, mimicking fans exclaiming, “I died… dead.”

Check out the videos below, and tell us what you think.

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