Taylor Swift Did NOT Fart On-Air During The VMAs, Despite Rumor (VIDEO)

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Taylor Swift Fart

By Michael Lewittes


Taylor Swift Fart

(Getty Images)

Taylor Swift did not fart on-air while introducing her new video “Wildest Dreams” during the MTV VMAs pre-show, despite some wild speculation. Gossip Cop can exclusively quiet this rumor. A source on the scene assures us all sorts of social media noise about Swift farting is “false.” See the video below.

Before actually connecting with a source who was there, Gossip Cop studied the video much like historians and conspiracists have the Zapruder film (though that footage was silent). While admittedly there’s an odd sound that can be heard as Swift crouches a little during her introduction of the video, you’ll notice none of her friends in the background, including Karlie Kloss, so much as flinch or cringe, which are the universal responses to having gas blown in one’s general direction.

Naturally, some Twitter users wrote such things as “Did I just hear Taylor swift fart on live tv?” But Gossip Cop got to the bottom of it, and Swift did not fart on-camera nor did any of her famous friends. MTV confirms that the sound heard was from a production microphone.

We hope everyone can now breathe easier knowing Swift categorically did not fart on-air during the VMAs. Check out the video below, and while it may be amusing, know that neither Swift nor her friends were tooting their own horns.

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