Taylor Swift Invites Fans To Her Apartment For Pizza Party

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Taylor Swift Apartment Fans

By Daniel Gates

Taylor Swift Apartment Fans


Taylor Swift invited fans back to her New York apartment after Monday’s big live stream event, during which the singer premiered her song “Shake It Off” and announced a new album called 1989.

The audience at the event had been hand-picked by Swift, and after the big announcements everyone went from the Empire State Building to Swift’s pad for some additional hangout time.

And a pizza party. A PIZZA PARTY IN TAYLOR SWIFT’S APARTMENT. We can’t even imagine.

Fortunately, there were tweets from the lucky fans documenting the surreal experience.

@TheSwiftUpdate wrote, “After the Yahoo live stream, Taylor had fans come back to her apartment for pizza! How AMAZING!?. @MyChoiceIsTay13 said, “Walked around Taylor’s apartment holding Olivia like it was so normal but really I WAS DYING.” The same person added in a series of tweets, “All I know is that today Taylor Swift hugged me and told me she loves me and called me her buddy. Taylor never acted like she had 90 random strangers in her apartment. She treated us each like her best friends, I love her so much. She trusted us in her apartment to wander around wherever we wanted and to hold her awards and her cats. That’s true love.”

@lissyypop tweeted, “If you’re wondering where I’ve been all day, I hung out with Taylor Swift in her apartment.” The fan went on in a series of tweets, “TAYLOR SWIFT HAD ME IN HER FREAKING APARTMENT. WE TOOK POLAROIDS AND SHE TAUGHT ME THE WORDS TO HER NEW SONG. I literally danced with Taylor in her kitchen. I got to pet Olivia who is the sweetest cat ever by the way. Scott swift gave us life lessons about studying in college On top of letting us into her home and giving us pizza Taylor also gave us a gift bag with new merch !!”

And @HayleyWi11iams wrote in a series of tweets on her feed, “TAYLOR SWIFT TOOK US TO HER APARTMENT AND WE ATE PIZZA. OH. MY. GOD. I can’t believe I met Taylor swift. Oh my god. I HELD HER CAT #taylorsATeam.” She told me I had nice hair, we talked about her apartment, her dad gave me college tips I held her cat & we danced to her song on the radio. And I took a POLAROID with her holding her Grammy. My life is complete. & to anyone who doesnt believe me (totally dont blame you) heres the shirt Taylor gave us #taylorsAteam #ShakeItOff.”

If you could go to any celebrity’s home, who would you pick?

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