CLAIM: Taylor Swift ‘Faking’ Harry Styles Romance to Make Conor Kennedy ‘Jealous’

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By Michael Lewittes


Taylor Swift Faking Harry Styles Relationship For Conor Kennedy,” reads a headline from HollywoodLife, which has made up its fair share of fake stories. According to the highly unreliable webloid, “Swift is faking her relationship with One Direction member Harry Styles in an attempt to make ex-boyfriend Conor Kennedy jealous and hopefully push him back into her arms!” Uh-huh.

The bogus blog goes on to claim in an entirely fabricated quote, “[Swift] isn’t denying in any way the reports of the people talking about her having a relationship with Harry because she wants to make Conor jealous and the way she thinks she is making him jealous is to show him that she has options, but in reality, she actually wants Conor and is just doing this to ‘Wear the pants in the situation!’ She has no interest in making the Harry thing work.”

The manufacturers at HollywoodLies, er, HollywoodLife further write that “the timing of Taylor’s ‘relationship” with Harry does seem convenient,” after having just split with Kennedy.

The only thing that’s not “convenient” for the webloid are… the facts and the truth. Taylor is in the early stages of dating Styles, and is not trying to make Kennedy jealous. She and Kennedy, who’s still in high school, had two very different schedules, yet remain friends.

Of course, HollywoodLife knows NOTHING about Swift. This is the same blog that recently reported that Swift was dating musician Ed Sheeran (NOT TRUE); was taking Kennedy to the MTV Video Music Awards (WRONG); that she had a boob job (FALSE); and had dated Zac Efron (FABRICATED). And one more thing: Swift and Styles looked like a genuinely happy couple this weekend in New York, where they were spotted enjoying time together in Central Park. Also, a Swift pals tells Gossip Cop that once again HollywoodLife has made up a “BS” story.

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