Blog: New Photos Are “Proof” Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran Might Be “Dating”

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By Daniel Gates

(Getty Images)

HollywoodLife thinks it has “more proof” that Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran are “dating.” Even though Gossip Cop has already busted the rumor — twice. And even though Sheeran himself has flatly denied that there’s any romance between him and Swift.

So what’s HollywoodLife’s big scoop? Well, late Thursday, Swift revealed on Twitter that she and Sheeran… took photo booth pictures together backstage… with two other people. That’s it.

Friends on tour together took goofy photo booth snapshots — and Jay Penske’s HollywoodLife is so desperate to sensationalize Swift’s love life, the webloid calls it “proof” of a romantic relationship.

“Needless to say, these new photos will do nothing to squash the rumors about their budding romance,” explains the blog, which is starting and spreading the rumors itself. HollywoodLife adds, “Though neither Taylor nor Ed will (probably ever) confirm their relationship, multiple sources insist they’re more than just friends.” Not true.

No one with actual knowledge of the situation — including Swift and Sheeran themselves — believe that the musician pals are a romantic couple. HollywoodLife and other outlets looking to create a stir can always say that there’s a relationship, but it does NOT make it true.

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