Taylor Swift Did NOT Show Off “Diva Dark Side” At Photo Shoot, Despite Report

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Taylor Swift Diva

By Daniel Gates

Taylor Swift Diva

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Taylor Swift did not show off her “diva dark side” at a recent photo shoot, despite a new report. Gossip Cop can debunk the rumor, which started in Star, a magazine that recently published a harmful and untrue rumor claiming Swift is “anorexic.”

According to the magazine, while Swift has a reputation as America’s cat-loving, cookie-baking sweetheart, she’s actually “hell on heels.” “Taylor is not the sweet, bubbly person you see on TV,” a so-called “source” tells Star. The tab’s tipster was allegedly on set with Swift for a photo shoot in New York, and says, “Of all the celebrities I’ve worked with, she was by far one of the worst.”

The Star source claims Swift was “rude” to the staff, ignored the crew, and “caused chaos” by supposedly refusing to do “95 percent of the things she’d agreed to. It was a nightmare.” “I wouldn’t be surprised if she parties too much,” explains the tab’s insider. “She looked out of sorts and was very fidgety. It was bizarre.”

There’s a reason the “source” is unwilling to name the specific photo shoot where this happened. That’s because it didn’t happen. Just like Swift didn’t get her male dancers fired to “maximize profits,” as another false Star story claimed. The magazine seems to have a penchant for making Swift look bad, but it doesn’t have evidence on its side. Swift’s camp says the “diva” report is totally untrue.

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