Taylor Swift Did NOT “Diss” Harry Styles At AMAs, Despite Report

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Taylor Swift Harry Styles AMAs

By Daniel Gates

Taylor Swift Harry Styles AMAs


Taylor Swift did not diss Harry Styles at the American Music Awards, despite a HollywoodLife report claiming the “Blank Space” singer took a shot at her ex-boyfriend during her show-opening AMAs performance. HollywoodLife is making this up, because… HollywoodLife makes stuff up. The explanation is pretty much that simple. HollywoodLife knew that publishing this nonsense would attract attention, so it published it, even though it’s phony.

“Blank Space” is Swift’s self-aware send-up of her public image as a crazy serial dater. It’s a tongue-in-cheek spoof of the vindictive and volatile romantic places like HollywoodLife always portray her as being. Most people with eyes and ears are in on the joke. But HollywoodLife thrives on starting fake controversies, so here we are.

The HollywoodLife story revolves around Swift allegedly pointing at Styles toward the end of her “Blank Space” performance. That’s it. The site claims, “Someone must have told her where Harry Styles was sitting, or perhaps she peeked out from behind the curtain before she took the stage… Everyone saw her point into the audience at the end of ‘Blank Space,’ but did you have any idea who her finger was aimed at?”

“HollywoodLife.com can tell you that she pointed directly at Harry who was sitting with the guys of One Direction! Do you think Harry got upset?” asks HollywoodLife, later adding, “We just can’t wait until we get our hands on the video of Harry’s reaction!”

This is ridiculous, even by HollywoodLife’s standards. First of all, Swift pointed into the audience more than once. Just look at the video below. She also pointed to different spots in the audience. She made no deliberate gesture toward Styles. She was not dissing Styles. Gossip Cop could have told you what HollywoodLife was going to “report” before it even happened. As soon as Swift and Styles were scheduled to be in the same room at the same time, the webloid was already frothing at the chance to fabricate a “diss” story.

Last week, the site repeatedly lied and said Styles had sent Swift 1,989 roses and was trying to woo her. Then HollywoodLife backtracked after Gossip Cop busted the story. THEN, HollywoodLife fabricated a different piece about Swift supposedly wanting to get back together with Styles. Now, just a couple days later, the site is saying she publicly dissed him. Hey, do you know what’s better than virtually any HollywoodLife story? BLANK SPACE.

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