Taylor Swift ‘Diss’ Of Kendall Jenner Made Up By Desperate HollywoodLife

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Taylor Swift Shake It Off Lyrics

By Daniel Gates

Taylor Swift Shake It Off Lyrics


HollywoodLife thinks Taylor Swift is “dissing” Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles in her new song “Shake It Off.” How so? Here are the lyrics HollywoodLife cites: “My ex man brought his new girlfriend / She’s like, Oh my God, I’m just gonna shake.” That’s it.

Despite the fact that Swift has a number of exes with new girlfriend; despite the fact that she never mentions anyone by name; despite the fact that her song is specifically about moving past grievances; despite the fact that both Swift-Styles and Jenner-Styles are ancient history, HollywoodLife wants everyone to believe that Swift is specifically dissing Jenner.

This is insane. HollywoodLife already carelessly and falsely speculated that Swift’s song “22” was about Styles and Justin Bieber. The outlet also incorrectly claimed Styles spent his 20th birthday with Jenner, when he didnt, and fabricated a story that Swift and Styles were “sexting.” The site has no idea what’s going on with celebrities and just makes up sh*t.

HollywoodLife’s attempts to trick people into believing Swift is feuding with people has been well covered. The webloid stooped so low it exploited charity fundraising to spread lies about a Swift feud. And now this nonsense about a new feud. HollywoodLife is pathetic.

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