TAB: Taylor Swift “Making Plans” To Marry Conor Kennedy, Have His Baby

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By Michael Lewittes


Taylor Swift Baby Bombshell!” blares a typically sensationalized headline from the National Enquirer, which claims that the country singer is already “making plans to marry” 18-year-old Conor Kennedy and “have his child as quickly as possible.”

Whoa. According to a purported “insider” for the supermarket tabloid, “Taylor badly wants to marry Conor and have a Kennedy baby. She sees herself as the next Jackie O and aims to be as famous as she was, a style icon on a world stage.” Swift is so far along in her wedding plans that she’s “already looking for a wedding dress,” says the so-called “source,” who notes, “She wants a vintage ’60s gown.”

And “besotted” high school senior Kennedy is supposedly 100% on board with Swift’s “country-meets-Camelot” marriage and desire to get pregnant ASAP. The Enquirer says that with the death of his mother, and his father Robert F. Kennedy Jr. dating Cheryl Hines, there is “nobody to sit the boy down and tell him that he’s too young and take it easy.” Another supposed family insider adds, “She can’t wait to cradle that baby — it would be her passport into Kennedy history.”

Uh-huh. Let’s just do a quick recap here in order to highlight the absolutely insanity of this story: The mag says Swift and Kennedy are going to get married after two months of dating, then she’ll immediately get pregnant, and they’ll raise the child in his dorm room at Deerfield Academy. Simply ridiculous. A source close to Swift tells Gossip Cop there has been ZERO talk of marriage or babies between her and Kennedy, and that the young pair is still just getting to know each other.

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